For His Glory

It’s so easy to get distracted especially when you’re tired.  I was seriously exhausted after a day at the beach.  So trying to refocus during worship at church can be difficult.

I’m standing there trying to re-center my thoughts and “feel” connected with Him.  While doing that, I come to this realization that it is not about facilitating an emotional connection with Him.  That’s still great and all; I am not dismissing it whatsoever.  The thing is that it is about HIM.  It’s about giving Him glory.  He deserves the glory regardless if I am tired.  He deserves the glory if I’m emotionally disconnected.  He deserves it 24-7.  It’s simple thought, but a lot of times these things don’t really sink in until you have revelation that the Holy Spirit lays on your heart.  So just be receptive.  Listen.  Be open to these revelations whenever they occur.

Last Minute Trip

One of my new friends has never seen the ocean EVER.  She has not seen any ocean in all her 27yrs of life.  So to be in America, one of her dreams before she leaves next month has been to go to the ocean.  Richmond only happens to be 2hrs away from VA Beach which I’m pretty familiar with since I’ve lived within 30min of that same beach for most of my life.  Why not make a trip?

Seeing her face light up and seeing her dance on the sidewalk as she caught sight of the ocean…it was an amazing moment.  Pure joy.

Also while we were in the area, I got to see some of my friends from home.  They had no idea.  They totally freaked out.

On our way back to Richmond, I started to have a mini breakdown because I realized that the place I’ve lived for the last 20yrs is no longer my home.  I feel that I will never be called to live there again.  My heart broke as the thought sank in.  It’s still sinking in.

My life is going to look different with being a missionary.  My concept or idea of home is going to change.  I hope to find out more as I continue to pursue God.

Surprise Visit

My momma came to Richmond!!

She got to see the office, my apartment, and my new friends/coworkers.

It was good to see her.  I sadly don’t have any saved pictures of our time.  We, however, sent snapchats to my sister to make her jealous.  My little sis (not so little since she’s 18) goes to school 7 hours away in the mountains of VA.  So I’m definitely the more conveniently located child to visit.  I’m pretty sure my sis is a little bitter.  She’s been wanting to come back home lately.

Since I have been here, I haven’t even really thought about how my moving has affected my relationships with my family.  I have been so caught up in all the new things.  It’s weird not being geographically close to them.  Even when I had moved out to live with a friend, I only lived 20min away.  Now I am over an hour away from my mom and 7 hours away from my sister.  I think that we are all still processing and adjusting.  I just pray that this transitional period goes well for all three of us: the empty nested momma, the new missionary, and the freshmen in college.

End of Summer Pt 1

To celebrate the end of summer, some of us interns and Cassandra went to get some gelato.  Tomorrow is officially the last day of summer (actually the fall equinox).  It’s going to be a two part adventure.

Wait till tomorrow to hear what our 2nd end of summer adventure will be.


So one of my secrets or rather guilty pleasures is that I enjoy K-Pop.

I started listening to it over the last year.  Even though I don’t understand the language, I LOVE it. lol.  The groups almost always have amazing synchronized choreography, great beats, and catchy songs.  It doesn’t hurt either that most of them are good looking too.  A lot of the artists are multi-talented.  They act as well as sing.

My faves are GOT7 and BTS.  BTS just came out with a new album, and their song DNA is stuck in my head.  I literally have the music video on repeat.

Maybe you’ll watch it and fall in love with K-Pop too.

I love that music will always language barriers.  You can always connect to it even if you don’t understand exactly what is going on.  You can appreciate the artistry, can feel the emotion being conveyed, and tap your foot to the beat.

Listening to Trump Address the UN

Politics is an arena that I usually avoid.  With everything going on in the world, people including myself can’t stay silent.  My aim is not to get into personal opinions, but rather I aim to call people to pray.

Pray for Trump.  Pray that he doesn’t let his personal beliefs and opinions cloud what is best for America.  Pray for all who call America home and that they can put aside any dislike for leadership so that we can be unified in the face of any threats.  Pray for the United Nations; pray for unity and peace among the nations.

Reading the news reminds me of the necessity of interceding.  I have been convicted of this.  I hope that you all pray as well.

A Mixed Day

Some days have both good and bad.  Today has been one of those days…

Let’s start with the bad.

I started out the day feeling stressed by how much needed to be accomplished.  Class (the latter half I had absolutely no idea what was going on; I hope to never have to edit videos again), group project (which needed to be filmed in less than an hour before one of my group mates left), meetings, daily work, and starting a new job.  The new job went awry too.  This job was going to be perfect.  I only had to walk a few doors down, had better pay than my last job, and work with some cool people.  I didn’t even get to start…I waited 10min to find out that they couldn’t hire me like they had originally thought.  The manager was super apologetic, but still it really SUCKED.  I even wanted to cry.

Now onto the good.

Since the 1st project I had this week, I have had so many conversations with random people.  Talking with strangers has been easier.  Hearing about people’s lives and seeing their faces light up when they talk about their passions is something I truly enjoy.  I love getting to connect with people, to have a greater insight into who they really are.

Also talking with one of my best friends, Abbie, really cheered me up too.  Knowing that I am not the only one struggling is comforting.  I somehow always call her when I am having a breakdown, but I always feel better after talking to her.  Love Abbie<3

Not every day is amazing.  I, however, want this blog to place where I can share it all. I’m going to keep it real.


Cultivating Community

As I am thinking on today, I am thankful for the 6 girls that I live with.

We don’t even know one another that well, but being thrown together has developed this one of a kind bond.  A deep love and appreciation for each other even if we don’t know each other’s favorite color.  We’ve seen each other cry.  We’ve even had mini breakdowns.  It’s a weirdly rapid unique friendship that is forming.

The communal dinners we are required to have are becoming some of the most treasured moments we share together.  Something about gathering and eating together is such a beautiful thing.  It automatically creates connection.  It facilitates a level of comfort that other situations don’t typically present.  Lots of laughs and sharing of culture happens at our table.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thanks girls for making this feel more like home<3



Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortableness

So we were given an assignment today for our Storytelling class.  We are supposed to go strike up conversation with strangers and take pictures of them working or in their natural habitat.

For a naturally introverted person like myself, that is SCARY.  Anxiety inducing.  A myriad of thoughts were going through my head.  How do I approach people?  How do I accomplish this without seeming like a creeper or a weirdo?  Thoughts like I am incapable of doing this task.  Thoughts like I will fail.

Thankfully one of my roommates/classmates prayed over us and for God to really direct our interactions with people.  We walked into this cool hipster consignment shop.  I was looking at these retro shades from the ’60s and just happened to start up a conversation with the guy running the store. We talked about the store, how long he’s worked there, and other random things being sold in the store.  I even got to take a picture of him!  I completed my assignment!!!

Now after the fact, I am reminded of the morning devotion we (all staff and interns) do together everyday.  We were reading through Colossians 3.  We talked about putting “off the old man with his practices and have put on the new man, who is being renewed in knowledge according to the image of his Creator” (Colossians 3:9-10).  So thinking about this in relation to my day, I should be throwing away these feelings of anxiety.  I should be empowered and confident in the fact that I made in the image of the Creator.  I should be confident that He is always with me, thus I have no reason to fear.

I did end up buying the sunglasses.  I can even switch out the shades with 4 different colors.

Something on My Mind

So within the past couple months, several people have passed away.  Some I have known personally.  I have been wrestling with how do I as Christian react to death.  Everyone has their opinions.  I am caught between happy for those individuals who no longer have to suffer here on earth and also that they get to be with God in heaven for eternity, then on the flip side, my heart aches that I no longer get to have that person in my life.  Should I feel guilty for feeling happy?  Should I feel guilty for being sad?

I talked to one of my friends about it in great detail.  It came up that the sadness is our flesh (our humanity) grieving.  I realized in that conversation why I grieve for someone is not only that but also that each individual is reflection of God.  So whenever someone dies, I am missing that glimpse of God which I got to see through knowing them.  Every person shows you a different piece of who God is.  It’s beautiful.  So my heart aches because I really want to know God more.

Not really a light hearted topic nor does it go in depth, but it has been weighing on my heart for a while.