Cut It Out

So I get urges or promptings to let go of things in my life. My life gets to cluttered and stuff has to go. It’s very relaxing in the end.

Whenever I’m getting rid of things, generally some of my hair goes too. A couple years ago, I had beautiful long curly hair almost all the way down my back. Now I have short chin length curly hair. As I’ve let other things go emotionally, physically, and spiritually, my hair has increasingly gotten shorter.

I think this process is really beautiful and indicative of my spiritual journey. I need less and less of the things the world has to offer, and in response, I crave more and more of what God has to offer. Letting go of certain things is not easy whatsoever. The end result, however, is worth it.

3 out of 5 of us who live in the apartment all cut our hair. It was fun roomie bonding. We probably could create a couple wigs with the amount of hair cut.

That’s not even all of it. Lol


JM and AM

So I shared about my roommates who are in the internship with me, but there are two more interns who live in another part of town yet are just as important in my life.

JM and AM are like siblings rather than the slightly older married couple. They belong and fit in with our group. They round us out. They bring a different perspective as a young 30s married couple with 3 kids. I always wonder how they manage. How do they juggle a 40+ hour internship and raise 3 children? I truly admire their dedication even through sleep deprivation, having their third child during our internship, and all of the other things they’ve given up in participating in spreading the gospel to unreached peoples.


She’s precious. She’s the youngest out of all the girls while I’m the oldest. She’s very tender hearted. She sheds lots of tears because she feels emotions so deeply and intensely but also because she loves others so strongly. She’s quirky. She regularly walks/dances through the office. She rallies people together and encourages them to do/try things that are outside of their comfort zone. One of the things I love most about her is that she gives amazing hugs. She won’t let go until I end it. She knows that sometimes I need a really long embrace as a way of comforting me. We both are similar in that way. We don’t even have to say a word, but we just know that a hug is all each other needs. We don’t always have words. We always have hugs though.


She puts it all out there. She is confident. She is bold. She doesn’t hold back. If she has something to say, she’ll say it. She’s funny. She’s talented at soccer and singing. She really loves children and wants to invest in their lives. BA desires to disciple them and to see them pursuing Christ relentlessly.

I pray that she receives clarity about where she wants to do missions long term. I pray that her desire to serve God will always remain her first priority.


I’ve shared the least amount of moments with her, but we’ve had special moments together. We’re both pretty quiet. We keep to ourselves. I’ve observed how hard working she is. I’ve seen how she’s been especially supportive and loving towards others when they’ve needed it. She’s accommodating. She doesn’t love physical touch, but she’ll give you a hug if you need it and if you especially value hugs. She doesn’t like cooking; it’s been anxiety inducing for her. I’ve seen her become more comfortable with it over these 9 months, and I’ve eaten some yummy things which she’s made.


I want to dedicate a few of my blogs to my roomies and share the things I love about them.

I’ve probably spent the most time talking to RN over the course of the internship. We’re the most similar out all the girls. She’s a painter. I love coming home and watching her paint. It’s so soothing, relaxing. We always have some of our best conversations while she’s painting. We’ve also witnessed each other frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, and crying. Sometimes we air out those emotions through going on walks together or eating cheese/fruit/crackers on our bedroom floor. Most of those conversations end with us praying for each other (that’s the best part).

Ad Finem

“Towards the end.” Tomorrow is it. The grand finale of the last 9 months. Graduation from the internship here in Richmond.

I made a commitment to be here that whole time. It hasn’t always been easy nor have others understood why I would dedicate 40+ hours a week to an organization who doesn’t pay me. I’m happiest loving and serving others. I’m doing it for God’s kingdom. It’s not about receiving a paycheck. My basic needs are met, and that’s all I need. I’ve fought hard to maintain my commitment and be diligent in my work here.

So I’m celebrating that and looking forward to what else God has in store both in my few months left here in Richmond and then abroad.

Ignorance Ain’t Bliss

Yesterday morning’s devotion showed me how ignorant of scripture I can be. There is a lot of historical context to scripture that we easily miss out on. Unless there’s a specific reference to something, generally we take the text at face value. But there’s so much more…thankfully my boss does point out some of the things we miss and the ways in which we can misinterpret scripture by not doing our research in a loving and constructive way.


Now I didn’t get a real tattoo. I don’t have any yet nor can I get any at least until next Friday. We were being silly though and left the office altogether to go get snacks under the stipulation that we give each other sharpie tattoos. My roomie drew a pretty large piece on my forearm:


If your life had a soundtrack what songs would be on it? That was the question that was asked of us today. All of us were picking for other people. Someone picked “Woman (Oh Mama)” by Joy Williams (formerly in the duo the Civil Wars) for me. I was kind of caught off guard by the choice initially. After thinking about it, I love that it encapsulates this fierceness that women have. In past, I’ve kind of despised being a female and despised some the cultural or social tendencies that come with being a female. I think this song illustrates that being a women is both empowering and unique. There are things that only women can ever do. I am thankful that I am a woman.

Would I want this song to be my intro or outro though?