Fighting Yourself

A lot of times, I am my biggest obstacle. Like this weekend I was fighting my own selfishness and need to put tasks before people. I was frustrated that I was asked to interrupt my schedule even though it was for a good thing. This is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s pretty engrained in me to put tasks before people. When I need to get things done, everyone and everything else is secondary.

Pray for me that I don’t get frustrated or complain when things like this arise. Pray that I can see the good in light of the disruption.



One of my roommates is from Alaska, so the video above is in spite of that. Friends and our nations capital and adventuring💕

Kingdom Come

If I imagine that God’s has come to Richmond, what would that look like?

The other week we spent some time meditating on a specific phrase of the Lord’s Prayer. You can find it in Matthew 6:9-13. The primary part we honed in on was verse 10: “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

For me my instant thought was freedom from lies and sin. This is stemming from a lot of conversations I have had with people who struggle with gender identity issues. I think that our culture okays a lot of these thoughts and feelings. If someone is on the fence, they suggest just jump and go to the other side. I want people to speak truth and love into these individuals lives rather than lies. I want them to know Jesus and find both their identity and purpose in Him not in the meaningless/empty things society suggests.


I participated in my first protest ever.

We were protesting for a pastor who has been unrightly detained and is facing minimally 35 years in prison.

Sometimes you have to stand up for your faith. Sometimes you need people to be aware of Christian persecution. A Christian dies every 6 minutes for their faith. What are you doing in response?

Hot Date

Hot date…jk. I went with one of my good friends to lunch. My other job was hosting a free lunch for employees of the company, and I was allowed to bring someone with me.

So we get to the restaurant, and she starts to tear up when she hears that all of these things are free and that she can try whatever and however much she wants. It was precious.

I tried a duck dish for the first time. Got beet salad, quiche with fruit and brussel sprouts, pretzels, and orange ginger cake with blueberry celseti gelati. I didn’t eat all of that. I sampled a little bit of it all. The dessert was the best part other than the company😊

Surprise 757

My friends lent me their car for the weekend and suggested I make a fun trip with it. Going home to see my mom and friends was a possibility…

So I got home from work Saturday night…circa 830pm I decided to make an impulsive decision and drive home! I didn’t get to see everyone. I did however get to see some of my closest friends. It was just what I needed. If I hadn’t made the drive, I wouldn’t have seen anyone for another month or more. I’m glad I did it.

Birthday Party

So I befriend all sorts of people. I even make friends with preschoolers. My fellow interns’ daughter is one of my little friends. She wanted me at her birthday party. ( I was the oldest attendee besides the parents of the other children who have maybe 5yrs on me.) She just turned 3 and is so precious. She has lots of energy and loves people.

Throughout the course of the party and afterwards, I was realizing how much I truly love children. I’ve worked with preschoolers at church for the last 13 years of my life, so I’ve always been around kids. But I got this overwhelming feeling of love and desire to have children one day (not for like 5 years). I’m not sure if I want biological kids, but I for sure know that I want to foster.

Last Weekend

I love how God intricately puts people in my life and how He intricately creates opportunities for conversations with those people.

I had been wanting to hang out with some of my coworkers and get to know them better. This one girl and I had been trying off and on for a couple months, but our schedules never lined up. We finally both were free last weekend. We decided to go grab pizza and dessert.

We were catching each other up on basic things in our lives at first. Somehow the conversation turned into a heart to heart where we shared some pretty personal and shameful things about our pasts. I was super grateful that she felt comfortable enough to share those things with me. As she says: “You never know what someone is going through.” So with that, she tries to love everyone unconditionally and make sure they feel valued.

I pray that she knows her beauty and value as a person too. I’m thankful she’s my friend💕


When popsicles have words of affirmation on them #KingofPops #soyummy #blueberrylemonade

This is how we have finance team meetings in the spring. #lovemyteam