The Stone Tales Part 1

Emergency room visit today


Besties in Town

My friends came to visit this past weekend. I loved it. I’ve missed them. I’ve missed their quirkiness, their loudness, and all of the sweet moments we get to share together.

I got to show them my life here and a lot of the people who are important to me here in RVA. I hope they get to visit again soon! Anyone who wants to drive and see, please do. I would love it😊

Horrible Pain

It started last night and felt like normal female cramping, so I didn’t think anything of it. This morning it was a sharp consistent pain for about 3-4 hours. The kind of incapacitating pain. The kind of pain that causes people who don’t cry about pain to cry.

I’ve been rendered to bed most of the day. I’m thankful for my roommate who kneeled by my bed and prayed over me. Thankful for my other roommate who picked up Matzoh ball soup for me. I’m thankful that we have people in our office who are trained medical professionals who checked on me.

I’m feeling mostly better. I’m grateful for that too.

Fighting the Desire to be Petty

One of my part time jobs, I can never manage to actually get off on the time I’m scheduled to get off. It’s frustrating when I have to walk home, change, and be ready to go for the internship in less than an hour. Today a coworker of mine got an attitude with me because she wanted me to one more thing before I left. I was already 15min over my shift… no. I got other commitments. On my walk home, I was thinking of ways to be petty and retaliate (all in a passive aggressive way). I had to quickly catch hold of these thoughts. I had to stop them before it got even worse.

I called my bestie to confess my thoughts. Thankfully she always is willing to keep me in check. She helped me think of healthier ways to deal with the situation.

Crummy Day at Work

I don’t work well in chaos. I don’t operate in chaos. I come into one of my part time jobs this weekend, and it’s chaos. 4 people didn’t show up. The kitchen has 75min ticket times. People moving tables and not informing me which messed up being able to sit parties. It was rough…..I almost lost it. I’m a pretty chill person, but a variety of ways came to mind so that I could try to cope with the amount of stress. Most of those are things I can’t do because the internship asks me to abstain from them.

I need to find other ways to deal with stress. Pray for me.


So when I’m more attune to the Lord, I get these promptings. Like He wants me to do something specific and generally He wants me to instantly be obedient.

I haven’t really been attune to God for a while now. I didn’t even realize it had happened until some old sins and patterns started creeping back into my life which is not okay with me whatsoever.

I’ve been fasting for a few days now, and I can hear Him clearer now. Today I had this urge to get out and go for a walk. It was this feeling that I had to right then and there. Walks tend to be a really beautiful time for me to have with God. It’s a time for me to appreciate His creation but also to listen to Him. It’s a time for me to air out my frustrations to Him. Today was great. It was 17 degrees out (not actually a fan of weather being that cold), so nobody was out. I got the alone time I needed with Him. I walked down to the river which is soothing, peaceful place for me. I sat there in silence looking out for a bit. I cried some of my frustrations out. I needed to do that.

God knows what I need and when I need it. I just need to realize that He knows best, listen, and obey.


Yep. It happened. All the feels came out when I got to the apartment. It started with: “Can I hug you?” Then the hug turned into crying on my roommate. Another roommate came down, looked to see if I was crying, and then jumped on top of me to comfort me.

I’m thankful that these girls are there to listen, love, and comfort. It’s definitely one of the best parts of living with 5 other girls.


Sunday I went with some people from the office to visit our friend who had been homeless. We helped him get checked into a rehab facility to help cope with his alcohol addiction. Even in just 3 days, he seemed like a different person. He definitely looked different. They cut his hair, had him shave, gave him glasses, and had him dressed in a polo and khakis.

It was good to see that he’s doing better. He’s keeping busy there with classes and work, so his anxiety has lessened. He’s making friends there.

Pray that he continues to get better. Pray that he can stick with the program (it’s a year long).

Old Me Go Away

I noticed the other night after the fact that certain old habits were trying to surface. Old habits that aren’t Jesus. Ones that I’m not necessarily proud of.

There’s interacting with the world, and there’s joining in with the world. The being set apart part of being a Christian wasn’t happening. It wasn’t anything big, but I wasn’t proud of that resurfacing.

Thanks God for pointing out that it’s an area I still need to work on…I might have made some progress over the years, but I forgot that the mindset I had hasn’t necessarily been shattered and formed to one that is more align with God’s character.