My definition of what these two words mean in relation to my faith are expanding. I had my own interpretations of what they meant for years. Culture and even some churches have supported that as well.

Resting I had been defining as physical rest and time to myself. I could do whatever I wanted. Spend time with friends. Lay in bed all day, Netflix, and chill. Rest was however I wanted it to be. Nobody had corrected me on that for twenty five years. Before I even joined this internship, I had a conversation with my director about this. What does the rest look for the internship? He redirected me to what does the Bible say about scripture and expounded on it. Today he did the same in our morning devotions when we read Hebrews 4. Rest is communing with God. That doesn’t mean you’re inactive necessarily. Rest isn’t just one day of the week. Every moment you spend with God is rest, so it can be EVERYDAY.

Meditating was something I thought that other religions like Buddhists or Hindus did. I think of monks and yoga too. It is not something separate or something that only other religions. The word meditation can be found throughout scripture. God calls us to meditate on His scriptures, His wonders, His promises, His statutes, and on Him. Today we practiced meditating on Psalms 1:1-3. For me, meditating on it was memorizing it, resting in His presence, and really imagining what experiencing happiness/delight as a result of following Him and as result of valuing His instruction looks like. I had this image of the most genuine smile in my head. One of those smiles that you feel the joy coming from within. It’s not fake. It’s contagious, and it makes you yearn for the same kind of joy.

So each day my faith is growing, and my preconceived notions are being corrected by God’s truth. Thankfully I’ve got God, His scriptures, the Holy Spirit, and His people to help me with this process.


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