I am an introvert, but my quietness goes beyond that. If I’m not readily talking or offering opinions, a lot of times I am still processing information. I internally process. I also like to store a lot of data in my brain. I find a lot different things fascinating and also just like knowing things even if it’s not necessary. I’m the girl who read books on sleep cycles in high school not that I ever wanted to pursue studying it further. I love learning.

A couple years ago I took a “Strength Finders” test which highlighted strengths that I was kind of aware of but didn’t really realize that I operate out of in so much of my life. Mine were all kind of nerdy and mean that I’m in my head a lot. My results were mostly tied into people though. 1) Learning- I love learning about people. 2) Intellection- I’m introspective and enjoy intellectual discussions. 3) Analytical- analyzing connections 4) Context- wanting to understand people’s pasts and how that makes them who they are today 5) Input- I love storing data. I use these gifts each day and love how they interact with one another when I engage with people.


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