I was working on a project for my church planting class today. We were given a difficult country/region and asked to come up with a plan to plant a church there. We had to research the area’s political sphere, lifestyle of the people living there, and any history of missions in that country.

Looking at the country’s leadership and how they hold socialist ideals is easy to write off as wrong or bad especially when you’re coming from an American mindset. We value our individual freedoms so much that when we interact with people from collectivist cultures, we automatically decide they’re lifestyle is wrong. For them, it’s the most natural thing.

I keep hearing this phrase: “It’s not right or wrong. It’s just different.” In the midst of researching, this clicked in my brain. I have to drop any opinions I have and try to understand their mindset. I have to become more objective. I have to become a learner of their culture.


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