So one of my mentors had told me that God tends to cycle back and readdress certain issues throughout your life. Chip away a bit here, some more 5yrs down the road, etc. it’s a very real thing. God likes to bring up the fact that I need to deal with emotions.

A year and a half ago, I did a study with my small group called “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” by Peter Scazzero. Often I would share and realize after the fact that I didn’t know I had an issue still in certain aspects of my life. I would be surprised. One of my best friends was in the group with me, so we would process through everything after.

6mos later I felt led to meet with a woman from church who would help me pursue emotional healing for some traumatic things I experienced as a child. She constantly showed me God’s unconditional love, helped me name my feelings, and helped me start to address some of the scars of my past.

Today my church started a series on emotional intelligence….God is clearly stressing that this is an area that I need to keep working on. I’m wondering what things I’ll learn this go around. What will I gain from this sermon series? Will I be willing to listen to what God has to say and apply it to my life? Pray for my obedience and for me to be willing. When it comes to this area, I can be very reluctant. This reluctance will even physically manifest sometimes. Like I can’t physically move or am so tense.


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