This week we have someone coming in and teaching us on Disciple Making Movement (DMM). This class isn’t the kind where you listen and that’s it. It’s promoting us interns to think, to act. We’re challenged to listen and do.

Yesterday two things stuck out: 1) ministry flows out of being. What I do has to flow out of who I am in my relationship with Christ. This makes me evaluate my own life and whether I can I say that Jesus is evident in my life in every single moment of my day. 2) begin with the end in mind. The end is to make more Obedient Based Disciples (OBD). [our class had a lot of acronyms; these are only a couple of them.]

Today part of our class was spent on a Skype call with someone on the field. We discussed how basic conversational questions should lead to opportunities to talk about Christ. Our conversations should expose the motivation of our heart which is Jesus. People should be able to tell from what we say that: God speaks to me, I hear His voice, and I obey His voice. We also want to know where they’re at in the conversation pretty quickly too.

Along with talking about all of these convicting things, we’re asked each day what can we practically do with this information. What are we going to do? Then we’re asked did we do it the next day.


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