Initially you think of giving away money when you hear this word, right? For me this looks a little different.

Most of my life even as kid and now as a working adult, I have never been a person of financial means. I make enough to cover the basics and maybe a little extra. I’m content with that. Being called to a missionary life and just what God has revealed to me, I will never have a lot of things or money. Thankfully He created me to be a really simple person. Those things hold no value to me really.

So in light of that, what does generosity look like to me? It ends up being that I am generous with my time. For example numerous opportunities arose this week. I normally strongly dislike sacrificing sleep or putting tasks that need to be done on hold. (The latter I’ve been challenged a lot on lately). When opportunities present themselves to engage in conversations about Jesus or helping a struggling friend enter into a rehab facility or helping a friend with her 3 children under the age of 5 while her husband is out of town arise, sleep and tasks can be put aside for a bit.


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