Being Fancy

The right way to drink Pedialyte.


On the Brink

When you’re close to breaking the rules but don’t…we interns live on the edge (actually the windowsill)

This is what happens when it’s 70 degrees outside, and we’re stuck inside.

Tiny Homes

I love YouTube. On YouTube I subscribe to a few different pages. Some of my favorites are centered around tiny homes. I love the idea of having a small space that just has the essentials. It also would allow me to have a mobile lifestyle.

Today I was watching one of the channels, and I came across this:

The idea of your local community gathering to build tiny homes for the homeless population so that they can have shelter and stay until they can provide for themselves is amazing. It allows for the homeless and other members of the community to pick up carpentry skills and more. I would love to see this occurring in more places.

Welcome Back

So my reentry into the world again after being hospitalized has been a little mixed. Apparently someone thought it would be fun to gain access to my credit card number and make over $200 of purchases to a place called glam girls….now I get to sort it out with the bank while I have no voice. Pray that this will be resolved quickly and that I can find good ways to better protect myself financially:

The Stone Tales Part 7

The stone AKA Brad is gone. I had my surgery this afternoon. I was really nervous going into it. Then in the room where I was waiting, the history channel was playing an episode about Newtons prediction of the end times, the apocalypse, occurring in 2060. Hearing about all of that was making my anxiety even worse. It was intriguing but not the kind of material I want to listen to prior to surgery.

Everyone at the hospital is super sweet. I would love to be their friends. They went above and beyond their job; their friendliness was genuine.

When I got out, my roomie took me to get my prescriptions, get groceries, and get biscuits and hash browns from McDonald’s (that’s what I was craving, and they even made all of it fresh for me💗). Currently I’m in pain down in my urethra because the surgery required going that route to remove the stones. So I’m still high on medications, but the worst is over. PTL🙌🏻

The Stone Tales Part 6

3.5 weeks…I decided trying to pass it on my own wasn’t cutting it anymore. After all of the vomiting and pain, I decided to finally go get checked out again.

So today I am chilling in a bed in the ER. Because of my symptoms, they’re keeping me overnight to watch me. I will be having surgery on Friday to remove the stone.

I’m thankful for my friends who’ve come to keep me company while in the hospital. I really didn’t want to go by myself, so I asked if one would come with me. It’s not fear but a comfort thing. I don’t want to be alone. One of my friends and I took ER selfies because what else would you do when you’re stuck here for hours.

I can be silly even when I feel miserable.

Language Approach

I’ve grown up an academic. I love school. I love learning. When it comes to languages, I love learning how they function. The grammar and the patterns are what interest me the most. Breaking down sentences by looking at the morphology has been my favorite part of language learning.

Now as a missionary, I have to take a different approach to languages if I want to actually communicate with people from the culture I’ll be entering into. As Elizabeth Brewster says in her article “Bonding:” “normal language acquisition is essentially a social experience not an academic activity.” Trying to adapt my approach to language is going to be a process. I need to consider language learning as a relational/social activity not merely something just to know via textbooks.


I walk into the gallery for the organization I work at tonight. Everyone greeted me with big hugs and lots of love. The intern couple and their kids gave me this:

The little boy who made the card ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. I literally melted inside.

My community is so good to me here. They’re understanding, loving, supportive, and more. I’m so thankful.

I’m Alive

The stone hasn’t passed yet, but I made it out into the world tonight. I finally had the urge to eat after days of being repulsed at the smell of food. (I love food, so that is really sad.) I was craving biscuits tonight. I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for. I got some yummy tea though!