Thanksgiving 2017

I might be surrounded by my family or close friends like previous years, but I got to start off my morning with my roommate before I go to work later today. I fixed us some breakfast😊


Another Year Older

I’m officially 26 as of yesterday, although I was told by a coworker that I look like I’m 12 and still will when I’m 30…not so much of a compliment.

Today was birthday celebration take 2. We celebrated all of the November babies in the office today. Our desks were decorated and covered with candies. We had a potluck too😍 Lots of yummy foods to celebrate not only the birthdays but also Thanksgiving. During the potluck, one of the girls asked each of us birthday girls to share what were the parts of the last year we are most thankful for and what we look forward to in this next year.

It’s not an easy question to answer on the spot. It also gets you a little emotional too. I shared that I’m most thankful for the mending of a relationship, this internship, what God has done in my life, and the new community I have. I look forward to what I’m going to learn, more growth, and where I’ll go on the field. I also look forward to eating leftover birthday cake. It’s great for breakfast the next day.

2 Days!

I AM STOKED! Two of my best friends are coming to visit me😍 I don’t even care that it will be my birthday. My excitement is purely to see them and get to spend time with them. Two more days…

Not About Me

Yesterday started out as a good day, but by 2pm, all of the exhaustion from traveling, working, and not having a moment to stop and relax hit me real hard. When I’m tired, I’m easily irritable. I’m generally good at filtering what comes out of my mouth. That didn’t happen…I got annoyed that there was another event scheduled outside of office hours. I vocalized this annoyance.

A couple hours later after not attending the event, I realized that how I had handled the situation was wrong. It was a good thing. I get easily wrapped up into all of the things that I need to do, therefore, adding extra things kind of last minute gets under my skin. I cannot respond that way. There are times when I have to pause and stop what I’m doing to do something else that has greater eternal value.

Pray that I see these moments as opportunities not nuisances. Pray that I have patience. Pray that God takes hold of this area in my life.

Skype Call

It’s exciting to talk to people on the field. To hear what they’re doing in their ministries. To see them come alive when they talk about the people there.

Today was a really good conversation with this one woman who is really amazing and really loves God. We ended up talking for 2.5 hours. I loved it. The conversation flowed so easily as if we already knew each other. I loved hearing about her life, the work she’s doing, and the passion she has for the people there. She said it’s not always easy. It’s hard a lot of times. She said, however, that there have been beautiful moments where God is clearly present in her interactions with people. Those are the moments that make it worth it. Those are the kind of moments that remind us that it’s all about God. It’s all for Him. It’s not about our ease or comfort.

Thinking back on the conversation, I am excited about the possibilities. The possibilities of where I could go or what I could do and with whom I could work with. I could be working with her potentially. I got time to make that decision though.

Learning while Driving

Apparently I’m just going to learn how to do things I’ve never done before. Like driving a minivan; it’s a big deal since I’ve only ever driven small sedans. I also drove through the mountains for the very first time. Driving through the mountains as a passenger is a very different experience from being the driver in the situation. Kind of anxiety inducing. I prayed: “Jesus, please keep me alive.” The steep incline with the winding roads doesn’t really allow for you to drive slow, so I was going approximately 50mph. It was like a rollercoaster…I’m alive and thankful. More adventures to come that I probably won’t be ready for.


I was trying to sleep in the back seat of the van but got distracted by my thoughts. I was thinking about how much I’ve loved this time of year. As a kid, it was the best time of year.

My family always celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving together. I loved it. I associate love, warmth, and family with this time of year. Even though I have those positive memories, it forever changed 12 years ago. I started tearing up thinking about it. Some circumstances occurred which shattered relationships, relationships which will never be the same again. Some I’m not sure if they can be mended.

It’s crazy that even 12 years later that ache feels the same as if it just happened…

Researching Revelations

I was working on a project for my church planting class today. We were given a difficult country/region and asked to come up with a plan to plant a church there. We had to research the area’s political sphere, lifestyle of the people living there, and any history of missions in that country.

Looking at the country’s leadership and how they hold socialist ideals is easy to write off as wrong or bad especially when you’re coming from an American mindset. We value our individual freedoms so much that when we interact with people from collectivist cultures, we automatically decide they’re lifestyle is wrong. For them, it’s the most natural thing.

I keep hearing this phrase: “It’s not right or wrong. It’s just different.” In the midst of researching, this clicked in my brain. I have to drop any opinions I have and try to understand their mindset. I have to become more objective. I have to become a learner of their culture.

It’s Raining Beans

It’s raining beans, hallelujah, it’s raining beans!

Our director is so kind. The man who says I’m the jalopeno you weren’t expecting gave us enough beans to last a life time. 20lbs to be exact…and a few other random things.