Wednesday in Bed

One of my roommates hasn’t been feeling well either, so I’ve had company. When we’re not sleeping, hacking up lungs, or vomiting, we’re either chatting about random things in our lives or taking care of the other. It’s been comforting to have her there. Last week when I was confined to my bed, I had no human interaction until my roomies got out of the office. By then, it was nap time before I would briefly wake up again before bed. So I’m thankful that I’m not the only sick one and can enjoy her conversation and company.


Bathroom Confinement Prompts Sermon Reflection

At church we are doing a series on Emotional Intelligence in relation to spiritual health (it’s strongly influenced by Peter Scazzaro’s “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” which is a great book). Today’s focus was on the past. We discussed generational curses especially highlighting those in the Bible. There are numerous examples. A lack of awareness results in a lack of change, thus we need to name it and make it real in order to heal.

So many good things were share today, but the one that especially stood out was: “stop giving sin authority when Jesus is Lord.” Sometimes I feel powerless to sins I’ve been struggling with for awhile. I can’t seem to figure out a way to get them under wraps. It seems to be a faith and trust issue. I don’t believe nor do I trust God enough to have power to help me overcome some issues. My lack of faith lets my sin control me when it should have no hold on me. God is greater than my sin. He has power over it. But how can I really believe that? How can I allow Him to move in those areas of my life? How can this realization turn into actual change?

Stone Tales Part 5

Yesterday was good day. No pain whatsoever.

Today, however in the midst of listening to the sermon at church, that changed real quick. I don’t know if I caught a bug on top of the pain I’m already experiencing. I’m done. I am over this sickness and pain. I want to feel normal again. Not confined to my bed for an entire week again. Today I’m confined to my bathroom with a pillow and a blanket so that I can reach the toilet in time.

Please pray for this to be over.

The Stone Tales Part 4

The pain has not subsided, I however got a pretty good set up here in the office. It’s my first day back.

Got my fuzzy Sherpa blanket and footrest. Not photographed is the amazing rolly chair that leans back pretty far, my pillow, and heating bad.

My classic sick foods ramen (or chicken noodle soup) with either cheez-its or goldfish. Then all the Gatorade and ginger ale💗

These things plus naps help me survive a day in the office.

The Stone Tales Part 3

I come downstairs to see this card that melts my heart and brings a few tears to my eyes:

That prayer got me. Feeling all the feels.

My coworkers and their kids have a special place in my heart. Love them all dearly💗

The Stone Tales Part 2

I have a kidney stone!!! It’s not actually great at all. It’s one of the most painful things I’ve experienced. There’s nothing to really lessen the pain or anything. They said just drink lots of fluids and take ibuprofen. I guess I took too much ibuprofen too close together because I’ve already thrown up. So pain and nausea!! (That’s sarcasm if you can’t tell.) It’ll be a week or two until passes out of my body. I get to experience pain not once but twice.

Besties in Town

My friends came to visit this past weekend. I loved it. I’ve missed them. I’ve missed their quirkiness, their loudness, and all of the sweet moments we get to share together.

I got to show them my life here and a lot of the people who are important to me here in RVA. I hope they get to visit again soon! Anyone who wants to drive and see, please do. I would love it😊

Horrible Pain

It started last night and felt like normal female cramping, so I didn’t think anything of it. This morning it was a sharp consistent pain for about 3-4 hours. The kind of incapacitating pain. The kind of pain that causes people who don’t cry about pain to cry.

I’ve been rendered to bed most of the day. I’m thankful for my roommate who kneeled by my bed and prayed over me. Thankful for my other roommate who picked up Matzoh ball soup for me. I’m thankful that we have people in our office who are trained medical professionals who checked on me.

I’m feeling mostly better. I’m grateful for that too.